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Abishag at the bed of old David

Adoration of the golden calf. Moses breaks the Tables of the Law.

Ahaziah falls out of the window of an upper chamber of his palace. Elijah prophesies the death of Ahaziah.

Battle between the Israelites and the Canaanites

Creation, The: Birds and fishes

Creation, The: Division of light and darkness

Creation, The: Division of sea and earth; creation of trees and plants

Creation, The: Division of the waters above and below the firmament

Creation, The: God forms Eve from Adam's rib

Creation, The: God on his throne resting on the seventh day

Creation, The: Sun and moon

Daniel proves Susanna's innocence

Daniel, who refuses to worship Bel, in discussion with King Cyrus

David and Goliath: David kills Goliath with a stone from his sling

David in the water praying to God in Heaven

David playing bells

David playing the harp

David points to his eyes

David points to his mouth, his tongue stuck out, looking up to God

Death of Absalom, The

Death of Saul, The: The Amalekite messenger brings David the message of Saul's death

Death of the five Amorite kings, The

Destruction of Jerusalem, The

Eli in the temple

Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise by an angel with a flaming sword

Feast of Ahasuerus, The


Gideon receives a sign from the angel: The food on the stone catches fire

Hannah and Elkanah praying in the temple at Shiloh

Idolatry of the Ephraimite Micah, The: Micah and his mother adoring the idol

Israelites are led out of Egypt by God in a pillar, The

Israelites before Pharaoh, The

Job on the dunghill is tormented by his wife and comforted by his friends

Job on the dunghill is tormented by his wife and comforted by his friends

Job's wife

Monks singing

Moses and the burning bush

Moses appoints Joshua as his successor

Moses is ordered by God to make a golden seven-branched candlestick

Moses numbers the people

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