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Inflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit

It is good that you have humbled me

Journey of the three kings, The

Just as the stag desires after the fountains of water, so does my soul desire after you God

Just shall flourish like the palm tree, shall be multiplied like the cedar of Lebanon, The

Just shall rejoice in our Lord , The

Kings of Tharsis and the islands shall offer presents, The

Last supper, The

Legend of St. Martin, The

Let all who adore carved images be thrown into disorder

Let all your works Lord acknowledge you

Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered

Let his praise be in the church of the holy ones

Let the heart of those who seek our lord rejoice

Let them exalt him in the church of the people and he blessed them

Let your mercy come upon me

Lift up your gates princes and be raised everlasting gates, and the king of glory shall enter


Lord appoint a law-giver over them

Lord bow down your Heavens and descend

Lord brings the wicked even down to the ground, The

Lord destroy the pride of our enemies

Lord graciously allow the prayers of your church

Lord has reigned, he is clothed in beauty, The

Lord has spoken and has called the earth, The

Lord hear my prayer

Lord hear my prayer and let my cry come to you

Lord I have cried to you, hear me

Lord is my illumination, The

Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my chalice, The

Lord loves the gates of Zion, The

Lord my God in you I have put my trust, save me

Lord my heart is not lifted up, neither are my eyes raised high

Lord place a watch on my mouth

Lord the prayer completes in the souls of your pleading servants

Lord will send forth the rod of your strength from Zion, The

Lord's prayer, The

Man shall go out to his work: And to his labour until evening

Many calves have surrounded me

Martyrdom of St. Alban

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