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He has sent redemption to his people, he commanded his covenant for ever

He turned their waters into blood and killed their fishes

He who acts proudly shall not dwell in within my house

Hear my supplication God, intend to my prayer

Hear these things all nations, gather in with ears all that inhabit the world

Hear us in the day that we shall call upon you

Help me Lord my God, save me according to your mercy

How long will you forget me?

Hymn of the three boys, The

I am become miserable and am made crooked even to the end

I am counted among those that descend into the deeps

I have cried with my whole heart

I have found David my servant, I have anointed him with my holy oil

I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost

I have lifted my eyes up to the mountains

I have lifted up my eyes to you who dwell in Heaven

I have placed help on a mighty one, and have exalted one chosen out of my people

I have said I will guard my ways, that I offend not in my tongue

I have slept and am calmed and have risen up

I have waited for the Lord, and he attended to me

I opened my mouth and drew in the Spirit

I said: In the midst of my life I shall go to the gates of hell

I shall exalt you my God

I shall sing praises to you in the sight of angels

I trust in the Lord for behold the wicked have bent their bow

I will acknowledge you lord with all my heart

I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise always in my mouth

I will enter your house, I will worship at your holy temple

I will exalt you lord because you have received me

I will love you Lord

I will wash my bed throughout each night, with my tears I will water my couch

I will wash my hands among innocents

If I shall give sleep to my eyes and slumbering to my eyelid

If I take my wings early in the morning ...

In fact the sparrow has found herself a house ...

In the day of my trouble I sought out God with my hands, in the night before him, and I was not deceived

In the morning he shall flourish and in the evening he shall fall grow dry and wither

In you Lord I have hoped

In your house we beseech you Lord

Incredulity of Thomas, The

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