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COLETTE, Isabella

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Jacob arrives at his uncle Laban's, who has two daughters

Jacob gets hairy, like Esau

Jacob goes to Laban

Jacob stayed with Rebekah


Jesus among the doctors

Jesus and the children

Jesus and the merchants

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus before his judge

Jesus before the high priest

Jesus calming the storm

Jesus explains about the sower

Jesus healing the blind

Jesus is found

Joseph forgives his brothers

Joseph is governor in Egypt

Joseph is sold

Joseph's family gets ready

Judgment of Solomon, The

Land produced vegetation, The

Last supper, The

Lost sheep, The

Magis, The


Mary and Joseph seeking Jesus

Mary Magdalene at the tomb

Miracle of the bread, The

Miracle of the bread, The

Mocking, The

Moon, the sun, and the stars, The

Moses and the bush

Moses before Pharaoh

One is missing

Passing through the Red Sea


Peter and John at the tomb

Peter and John at the tomb

Pharaoh's pursuit

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