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Martyrdom of St. Andrew

Martyrdom of St. Peter

Martyrdom of St. Stephen

Massacre of the innocents

Nativity. Annunciation to the shepherds.

Ornamental angels


Presentation of the Virgin in the temple. The Virgin and the priests of the temple.

Prophet Isaiah

Prophet Isaiah

Prophet Isaiah

Prophet Jeremiah

Resurrection of Christ

Shepherd keeping his sheep

St. James the Great

St. John writing

St. John writing

St. Luke writing

St. Mark writing

St. Mary Magdalene and the priest

St. Matthew writing

St. Michael slaying the dragon

St. Paul

St. Paul

St. Paul

St. Paul addressing the Colossians ... St. Bartholomew and the prophet Micah

St. Paul addressing the Corinthians ... St. James the Great and the prophet Isaiah

St. Paul addressing the Ephesians ... St. Philip and the prophet Hosea

St. Paul addressing the Galatians ... St. Andrew and the prophet Daniel

St. Paul addressing the Hebrews … St. Mathias and the prophet Zechariah

St. Paul addressing the Philippians … St. Thomas and the prophet Zephaniah

St. Paul addressing the Romans ... St. John the Evangelist and King David

St. Paul addressing the Thessalonians … St. Matthew and the prophet Joel

St. Paul and St. Philemon … St. Jude and the prophet Malachi

St. Paul and St. Timothy … St. James the Less and the prophet Haggai

St. Paul and St. Titus … St. Simon and the prophet Ezekiel

St. Peter in prison

St. Stephen

St. Stephen preaching

St. Thomas

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