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Abraham's visitors

Ark of the Covenant, The

At home in a garden

Baptism of Christ, The

Bride is chosen, A

Building a house for God

Child brought back to life, A

Crossing the red sea

Crossing the river Jordan


David with his sling

First shipbuilder, The

First two brothers, The

Gideon fighting the Midianites

God gives laws to his people

God speaks to Moses

God's power comes


Hannah and Samuel

In a den of lions

In a fiery furnace

In the stomach of a fish

Isaac blessing Jacob

Jesus and the children

Jesus commanding Lazarus to come forth

John sees the tree of life

Joseph, the dreamer

Joseph's brothers comes to Egypt

Joseph's dream

King who ate grass, A

Lamb of God, The

Lame man made well, A

Lampstand, The

Last night in Egypt, The

Little boy in an ark, A

Miracle of Aaron's staff, The

Nebuchadnezzar's first dream

Nebuchadnezzar's golden image

Paul and Eutychus

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