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John the Baptist

John baptizes Jesus

Annunciation, The

Visitation, The

Birth of Jesus, The

Birth of Jesus, The

Jesus is presented in the temple

Three wise men, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Jesus in Nazareth

Jesus among the teachers

John baptizes Jesus

Temptation, The

Two first disciples, The

Miraculous draught, The

Wedding at Cana, The

Miraculous draught, The

Jesus lulls a storm

Jesus multiplies the loaves

Jesus heals the paralysed man

Possessed, The

Man born blind, The

Ten lepers, The

Jairus's daughter

Resurrection of Lazarus, The

Beatitudes, The

Mission to the world, The

Sower, The

Good Samaritan, The

Insistent friend, The

Rich fool, The

Hidden treasure, The

Prodigal son, The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Pharisee and the publican, The

Unforgiving servant, The

Late comers, The

Poor invited at the feast, The

Ten girls, The

Three servants, The

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