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    The Old Testament
          Job Is Tested
                Job's Ruin
                      Attacks on Family and Possessions
          Job and His Friends
                The Comforters
                Job Suffering
                      Job Speaking
                      Why Are You Accusing Me?
                      The Grave Awaits Me
                      Why Do the Wicked Live On?
                      Men Rebel against the Light
                      I Will Maintain My Righteousness
                      How I Long for the Months Gone By
                      The Wrath of Elihu
          New Prosperity
          The Words of the Wise
          Additional Words of Solomon
                A Friend Is Faithful
          Early Prophecies of Isaiah
                The Mountain of the Lord in the Last Days
          The Present World and the Coming of Messiah
                Assyria, the Lord's Instrument
          The Surrounding Nations
                The Judgment against Egypt
                The Destruction of the Cities of Phoenicia
          Woes to Ephraim and Jerusalem, then Salvation
                The Fall of Assyria
          The Story of Daniel
                Daniel's Training in Babylon
                Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream
                The Men in the Furnace
                Nebuchadnezzar's Second Dream
                In the Lion's Den
          Daniel's Visions and Prayer
                The Seventy Weeks
                The Vision at Tigris
                The Kings of the South and the North
    Minor Prophets
                Fleeing from the Lord
                The Big Fish
                Jonah in Nineveh
    Portraits of Old Testament Characters
          Portraits of Daniel, Israelite in Babylon
                Other Portraits of Daniel, Israelite in Babylon
          Portraits of Isaiah
                Other Portraits of Isaiah
          Portraits of Jonah, Son of Amittai