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CROMPTON, James Shaw

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    The Old Testament
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: From Sinai to the Death of Moses
          The Time of Complaint and Rebellion
          Cities of Refuge
          The Last Days and the Death of Moses
                Moses Dies
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: Laws and Instructions
          Cities of Refuge
          The Ox and the Muzzle
          The Invasion
                Rahab and the Spies
                Crossing Jordan
                Achan's Sin
          The Settlement
                Buried in the Promised Land
          Deborah and Barak
          In the Hands of the Midianites
                The Call of Gideon
          Queen Vashti Deposed
          Esther Becomes Queen
          Haman's Plot to Destroy the Jews
          The Fall of Haman
          The Jews Are Saved
          Book III
                85: Love and Faithfulness Meet
          Book IV
                104: God's Wisdom in the Creation
                106: Confession of Sins
          Book V
                107: The Lord's Help in the Distress
    Song of Songs
          The Glory of the Nation Restored
                A New Heart and a New Spirit
                The Valley of Dry Bones
                Gog's Attack and Punishment
    Minor Prophets
                Prophecies of Hosea
                      The Charge against Israel
                      Israel Unrepentant
                Weeping and Mourning
                The Lord Will Appear

    The New Testament
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: The Words of Jesus
                The Sower
                The Lost Coin
                The Unmerciful Servant
                The Ten Virgins
          The Return and the Last Judgment
                Be Ready!
                      The Ten Virgins
          The Conversion of Saul
                In Damascus
    Epistles of Paul
                Doctrinal Exposition
                      God's Wrath against Mankind
                      Peace with God
                The Problem of Israel
                      God's Sovereign Choice
                Practical Exhortations
                      Submission to Authorities
          1 Corinthians
                Divisions in the Church
                      The Cooperation of Paul and Apollos
                Problems, Questions, Answers
                      Food Sacrified to Idols
                      The Rights of an Apostle
                In the Christian Assembly
                      Speaking in the Assembly
                The Resurrection and Its Implications
                      If There Were No Resurrection
          2 Corinthians
                The Glory of the Gospel and Its Ministry
                      The Apostle's Hardships
                Defense of Paul's Apostolic Authority
                      Paul's Sufferings
    Catholic Epistles
                Moses Dies