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Gliding angel in the air, holding a palm leaf and a crown, A

God surrounded by angels before the Holy Family and the little St. John

Group of angels on the clouds

Group of angels; two with a tiara and the keys, two with a book and a sword

Group of angels; two with a tiara and the keys, two with a book and a sword

Group of three angels

Group of two angels, one holding a snake and the other holding a banner

Head of an angel leaning towards the left

Head of angel, seen in profile, turning left

Head of Christ crowned with thorns, leaning to the right

Head of the Virgin

Head of the Virgin, turning to the right, with the eyes closed

Holy bishop at prayer, and two angels, A

Holy bishop sitting, and two angels of which one holds a cross, A

Holy bishop standing, leaning on an angel, A

Holy Family and an angel, The

Holy Family with two angels

Jesus Christ leaning to the cross

Jonah sitting, lifting his right hand

Kneeling angel turned towards the left, with the hands clasped, A

Kneeling angel turned towards the right, with the hands on the chest, A

Magdalene assisted by the angels

Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew

Massacre of the innocents, The

Meditation over death

Melchizedek offering bread

Melchizedek offering bread and wine


Moses kneeling, receiving the Tables of the Law

Moses sitting, taking his shoes off before the burning bush

Noah receiving the dove

Ornament for a dome with musical angels

Pediment with the monogram of Christ


Preaching of Dt. John in the desert, The

Prophet Daniel sitting, writing, The

Prophet Melchizedek, The

Prophet sitting

Prophet sitting, A

Prophet sitting, lifting his right arm, A

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