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Guercino, After

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Appearance of the Virgin and Child, and St.s Joseph(?) and John(?)

Circumcision, The

David holding Goliath's head

Dead Christ mourned by two angels, The

Denial of St. Peter, The

Gabriel the Archangel on a cloud, pulling his sword from the sheath

Holy Family

Lot and his daughters

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine

Prodigal son, The

Rest of the Holy Family on the flight into Egypt

Resurreced Christ appearing to the Virgin, The

Return of the prodigal son

Soldier offers Jesus a reed as a scepter, A

St. John kissing the hand of Jesus, who is sitting on the knees of his mother

St. Peter raising Tabitha

St. Petronille is burried and received in Heaven

Three angels holding a flower garland

Virgin watching St. Agnes holding the Child before the angels, The

Virgin watching the Child and the little St. John, The