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Allegory of Charity


Flagellation, The

Holy Family and the little St. John, The

Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and the little St. John the Baptist, to whom the Child is giving a reed cross

Holy Family, The

Magdalene sitting, turninng to the left and reading

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria, The

St. Veronica

Virgin breastfeeding the Child, The

Virgin holding the Child, to whom St. John is bringing his lamb, The

Virgin kneeling, putting the Child Jesus down at the foot of a tree, The

Virgin sitting with the Child sleeping on her knees, The

Virgin sitting, holding up a sheet to cover the Child, The

Virgin sitting, leaning, breastfeeding the Child

Virgin with the Child, to whom St. Anne offers an apple, The

Virgin, sitting, holding the head of the Child Jesus, The

Virgin, sitting, occupied with sewing, and the Child Jesus and the little St. John, The