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Annunciation, The: The Virgin is seated right in front of a table with a book

Apparition of the Virgin and Child and two St.s to four holy martyrs

Apparition of the Virgin and Child with St. Jerome and St. Michael the Archangel

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Charity and studies of entablatures

Christ carrying the cross in an architectual frame

Christ dead at the foot of the cross, the Virgin, and St. John

Christ's baptism in the Jordan


Descent of the Holy Spirit, The

Drunkenness of Noah, The

Elijah taken up in a chariot of fire

Entombment, The

Esther in the women's quarters

Healing of the paralytic at Capernaum, The

Healing of the paralytic, The

Jesus descended into Limbo

Massacre of the innocents, The

Miracle of Santa Casa, The

Risen Christ surrounded by angels holding instruments of the passion, The

Sacrifices of Abel and Cain, The

St. Jerome beats his chest with a stone

St. Jerome seated with a book and a crucifix, holding a stone

St. John

St. John the Baptist accuses Herod for the crimes he has committed

St. John the Baptist at the foot of a tree

Three angels crowning St. Sebastian, St. James, and St. Fabian

Virgin and Child appearing to St. Francis and St. Anthony, The

Virgin and Child Jesus appearing to St. Francis, and two monks, The

Virgin and Child with St. Francis of Assisi and St. John the Baptist, The

Virgin and Child with St. Helena and a monk holding the Devil

Virgin and Child with St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi, The

Virgin and Child with St. Peter and bishop

Virgin and Child with the infant St. John and St. Francis, The

Virgin seated with the Christ Child standing on knees, The

Virgin with the Child Jesus, sitting, playing with John, The

Virgin, Child, and the little St. John

Virgin, the Infant Jesus, and St. Anne playing with him, The