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DÜRER, Albrecht

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St. John the Baptist

St. John the Baptist and St. Onuphrius

St. John's vision of Christ and the seven candlesticks

St. Mary Magdalene

St. Michael fighting the dragon

St. Paul

St. Paul

St. Peter and St. John healing the cripple

St. Peter's ship

St. Philip

St. Philip the apostle

St. Simon

St. Thomas

St. Veronica

St.s Stephen, Sixtus and Lawrence

Study for the Landauer altarpiece

Study of drapery

Sudarium displayed by two angels

Sudarium of St. Veronica, The

Sudarium spread out by an angel

Taking down of the body of Jesus from the cross, The

Three Marys at the grave,The

Three nuns before a crucifix

Three studies from nature for Adam's arms in the 1504 copperplate angraving

Trinity, The

Virgin among a multitude of animals, The

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child before an archway

Virgin and Child enthroned under a canopy, surrounded by six angels

Virgin and Child in a landscape with the annunciation to the shepherds

Virgin and Child in majesty, surrounded by St.s and angels

Virgin and Child on a crescent moon

Virgin and Child on a crescent moon, in glory

Virgin and Child surrounded by angels and St.s

Virgin and Child surrounded by several St.s

Virgin and Child with St. Anne

Virgin and two holy women, The

Virgin annunciate, The

Virgin crowned by two angels, The

Virgin in glory, The

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