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Abraham and the three angels

Adoration of the Magi, The

Annunciation, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Crucifixion, The

Crucifixion, The

Ecce homo

Elijah begging for fire from Heaven

Feast of Dives, The

Female martyrs and St.s worshipping the Lamb of God

Flagellation, The

Holy Trinity enthroned, The

Israelites collecting manna from Heaven, The

Lazarus's soul carried to Abraham

Martyrs and St.s worshipping the Lamb of God

Massacre of the innocents, The

Moses and the brazen serpent



Presentation in the temple, The

Scenes from the life of Gideon, and Moses and the burning bush

Tree of Jesse, The

Virgin and Child enthroned, The

Virgin and Child with St. Anne, The

Way to Calvary and St. Veronica with the sudarium, The

Way to Calvary, The