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Flight into Egypt, The

Flight of the apostles, The

Jeremiah performing the temple speech

Joab stabbing Abner

Job mocked by his wife and tormented by two devils

Jonah cast into the sea

Joseph being sold by his brothers

Joseph of Arimathea asking Pilate for Christ's body

Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver

Lamb of God, The

Lamentation, The

Lamentation, The

Last supper, The

Man of Sorrows, The

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek, The

Micaiah foretelling the death of King Ahab

Michal helping David to escape from Saul

Moses and the brazen serpent

Moses and the burning bush

Naomi grieving the loss of her family

Nativity, The

Piercing of Christ's side, The

Pilate washing his hands

Presentation in the temple, The

Presentation in the temple, The

Queen of Sheba before King Solomon, The

Raising of Lazarus, The

Sacrifice of Isaac, The

Samuel brought before Eli

Samuel putting forward Saul as king

Scene from the life of Gideon, A

Scenes from the creation

Shimei throwing stones at David

Temptation of Christ, The


Virgin and Child, The

Virgin, The

Way to Calvary, The

Way to Calvary, The

Worship of the five wounds, The

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