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Reni, Guido, After

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Adoration of the shepherds, The

Angel, kneeling towards the left, holding a lily

Bust of Magdalene in ecstasy

Child Jesus looking at a cross, The

Crucifixion with St. Sebastian and St. Catherine

David and Abigail

David and Abigail

Ecce homo

Ecce homo

Ecce homo

Head of Christ

Head of Christ crowned with thorns

Head of St. Magdalene, her eyes looking to Heaven

Holy family and the little St. John, The

Holy family with St. Anne, The

Job receiving the homage of the people

Jobs property restored

Last judgment, The

Magdalene praying

Magdalene visited by an angel

Mary Magdalene in ecstasy

Mary Magdalene in the desert

Massacre of the innocents, The


St. Andrew led to martyrdom

St. Jerome in the wilderness, writing under the dictation of an angel

St. John the Baptist

St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus in his arms

St. Mary Magdalene penitent

St. Michael

St. Michael

St. Paul, leaning on his sword, reading

St. Peter, standing, frontal view

St.s Peter and Paul

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child with the little St. John

Virgin and the Child Jesus giving the blessing to St. John, The

Virgin and the sleeping Child Jesus, The

Virgin contemplating, The

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