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DUCCIO di Buoninsegna

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Adoration of the Magi, The





Announcement of the Virgin's death, The


Annunciation, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Betrayal of Judas, The

Birth of Christ, The

Blessing Christ

Burial of the Virgin, The

Burial of the Virgin, The

Calling of Peter and Andrew, The


Christ and the Virgin enthroned

Christ disputing with the scribes

Christ in Limbo

Christ taking leave of his apostles

Christ's appearance at Lake Tiberias

Christ's appearance behind locked doors

Christ's appearance when the apostles are at table

Christ's appearence on the mountain

Coronation of the Virgin, The

Coronation of the Virgin, The

Crevole Madonna

Crown of thorns, The


Crucifixion, The

Death of the Virgin, The

Deposition, The

Descent of the Holy Spirit, The

Doubting Thomas

Entombment, The

Entry into Jerusalem, The

Flagellation, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Funeral of the Virgin, The

Gualino Madonna

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