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Adam sleeping

Adam sleeping

Adoration of the Christ Child, The

Angel of the annunciation



Annunciation, The

Annunciation, with St.s Margaret, Mary Magdalene, Paul, John the Baptist, Jerome, and Francis, The

Christ and the woman from Samaria

Christ as Salvator Mundi

Christ Child and the young St. John the Baptist embrace in a landscape

Christ on the cross

Christ with the four evangelists


Conversion of St. Paul, The

Coronation of the Virgin, and four St.s, The

Crucified Christ, The

Dancing angels

Dead Christ, The

Deposition *

Entombment, The

Four studies for a skull

God the Father in glory with St. Mary Magdalene and St. Catherine of Siena

Head of the Virgin

Holy conversation with a little musical angel and two kneeling St.s

Holy conversation with two St.s and the young St. John sitting on the ground

Holy Family

Holy Family and the little St. John, The

Holy Family with infant St. John

Holy Family with the young St. John and two angels

Holy Family with the young St. John playing with the Child

Holy Family with two musical angels, and studies for a Virgin and Child

Holy Family, the young Baptist , and two angels, The

Infant St. John the Baptist, The

Lamentation in a landscape

Last judgment, The: Michael the archangel chasing the damned

Madonna and Child with St.s

Man holding a book

Marriage of St. Catherine of Siena, The

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine, The

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