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MERIAN, Matthaeus, the Elder

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Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, The

Gideon and the angel

God answers Elijah's call

God appears to Abraham in the guise of three strangers

God on his throne

God's covenant

God's curse

Good Samaritan, The

Grapes of the Promised Land

Hagar in the wilderness

Healing of the paralytic, The

Hebrews rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, The

Hezekiah and Isaiah

Hosea weds a harlot

Interrogation before the Sanhedrin, The

Israel battles Amalek

Israel goes dryshod through Jordan

Israelites slaughter many kings

Israel's victory through repentance and prayer

Jacob and Esau

Jacob sees Rachel with her sheep

Jacob sends his sons to buy corn in Egypt

Jacob wrestles the angel

Jacob's ladder

Jephthah's daughter

Jeremiah is put in the dungeon

Jesus and the adulteress

Jesus and the centurion

Jesus and the woman of Canaan

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus appears on the road to Emmaus

Jesus casts out a devil

Jesus changes water into wine

Jesus is laid in the tomb

Jesus is led away to be crucified

Jesus restores a blind man's sight

Jesus riding towards Jerusalem

Jesus walks on the sea

Joab spares a city in exchange for the head of Sheba

Jonah and the whale

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