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MERIAN, Matthaeus, the Elder

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Daniel's vision of the four beasts

David and Goliath

David attacs the Amalekites

David punishes the Ammonites

David spares Saul

David spies on Bathsheba

David with his harp

David's dance in front of the ark

Dead man rises from the tomb of Elisha, A

Death of Abimelech, The

Death of Absalom

Death of Ahab, The

Death of Ananias, The

Death of Eli, The

Death of Jezebel

Death of Saul, The

Descent of the Holy Spirit, The

Destruction of Babylon, The

Devil cast into the bottomless pit, The

Devil tempts Jesus, The

Dinah's brothers avenge her honour

Egyptian soldiers drown in the Red Sea, The

Eliezer and Rebekah at the well

Elijah fed by ravens

Elijah in despair

Elisha and the boys in Bethel

Esau and Jacob meet for the last time

Esther pleads for the captive Jews

Evangelist John, The

Evangelist Luke, The

Evangelist Mark, The

Evangelist Matthew, The

Ezekiel in the valley of bones

Ezekiel sees the glory of God

Fall of Jericho

Fall of Jerusalem

Fiery furnace, The

Fifth and sixth angels sound their trumpets, The

First four angels sound their trumpets, The

Flood, The

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