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DORÉ, Gustave

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St. Paul preaching to the Thessalonians

St. Paul shipwrecked

St. Peter and St. John at the Beautiful Gate

St. Peter delivered from prison

St. Peter denying Christ

St. Peter in the house of Cornelius

Stoning of Achan, The

Strange nations slain by the lions of Samaria

Temptation of Jesus, The

Transfiguration, The

Trial of Abraham's faith, The

Triumph of Mordecai

Valley of tears, The

Vision of Death, The

Vision of the four beasts, The

Vision of the four chariots, The

Vision of the valley of dry bones, The

Walls of Jericho falling down, The

Widow's mite, The

Wise men guided by the star, The

World destroyed by water, The

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