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DORÉ, Gustave

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Jesus scourged

Jesus stilling the tempest

Jesus walking on the sea

Jesus with the doctors

Job and his friends

Job hearing of his ruin

Job laments

John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness

Jonah cast forth by the whale

Jonah preaching to the Ninevites

Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream

Joseph makes himself known to his brethren

Joseph sold by his brethren

Joshua commanding the sun to stand still

Joshua committing the town of Ai to the flames

Joshua spares Rahab

Judas kiss, The

Judgment of Solomon

Last judgment, The

Last supper, The

Lazarus at the rich man's house

Levite bearing away the body of the woman, The

Levite finding the corpse of the woman, The

Madonna and Child

Marriage in Cana, The

Martyrdom of St. Stephen

Mary Magdalene repentant

Massacre of the holy innocents, The

Massacre of the innocents, The

Meeting of Isaac and Rebekah, The

Meeting of Jacob and Esau, The

Micah exhorting the Israelites to repentance

Midianites put to flight, The

Miraculous draught of fishes, The

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Moses breaking the Tables of the Law

Moses coming down from Mount Sinai

Moses descending with the Tables of the Law

Moses striking the rock in Horeb

Murrain of the beasts, The

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