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DORÉ, Gustave

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Abishai saves the life of David

Abraham and the three angels

Abram journeying into the land of Canaan

Adam and Eve after the fall

Adam and Eve drinking from the brook in the garden

Adam and Eve driven out of Eden

Adam and Eve expelled from Eden

Adam and Eve hide from the voice of God

Adam and Eve try to cover themselves with fig leaves

Agony in the garden, The


Angel appearing to Balaam, The

Angel appearing to Joshua, The

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Apostles preaching the gospel, The

Arrival at Calvary, The

Arrival of the Good Samaritan at the inn

Artaxerxes granting liberty to the Jews

Ascension, The

Babylon fallen

Baptism of Jesus, The


Baruch writing Jeremiah's prophecies

Boaz and Ruth

Boaz and Ruth

Brazen serpent, The

Burial of Christ, The

Burial of Sarah, The

Buyers and sellers driven out of the temple, The

Cain and Abel offering their sacrifices



Child Moses on the Nile, The

Children destroyed by bears, The

Children of Benjamin carrying off the virgins of Jabesh-Gilead, The

Children of Israel crossing Jordan, The

Christ and the tribute money

Christ feeding the multitude

Christ in the Synagogue

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