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DORÉ, Gustave

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Micah exhorting the Israelites to repentance

Vision of the four chariots, The





Ezekiel prophesying



Micah exhorting the Israelites to repentance

Moses coming down from Mount Sinai


John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness

Baptism of Jesus, The

Daughter of Herodias receiving the head of John the Baptist, The

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Nativity, The

Wise men guided by the star, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Massacre of the holy innocents, The

Massacre of the innocents, The

Jesus with the doctors

Baptism of Jesus, The

Temptation of Jesus, The

Marriage in Cana, The

Jesus stilling the tempest

Christ feeding the multitude

Jesus walking on the sea

Miraculous draught of fishes, The

Jesus healing the man possessed with a devil

Dumb man possessed, The

Jesus healing the sick

Jesus healing the lunatic

Jesus raising up the daughter of Jairus

Resurrection of Lazarus

Jesus preaching to the multitude

Pharisee and the publican, The

Jesus preaching at the Sea of Galilee

Jesus preaching on the mount

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