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INGRES, Jean-Auguste-Dominique

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Abel and Melchizedek


Adoration of the Magi, The

Adoration of the shepherds, The

Adoring angel

Adoring angel

Adoring angel (its hands)

Adoring angel (the chest and the right arm)

Adoring angels

Agel flying

Agel flying, carrying a little child

Alter of the Virgin



Angel (arm removing a curtain)

Angel (four studies for arms and hands lifting a curtain)

Angel (four studies for the left leg)

Angel (study for the legs)

Angel (two studies for the legs)

Angel (two studies)

Angel carrying a torch

Angel in an arch, An

Angel kneeling

Angel leading a man out of the crowd, An. Jesus is arrested.

Angel of the annunciation, The

Angel stretching out its arm and a person holding a spear, An

Angel striking a kneeling woman with his sword, An

Angel wielding a sword in his right hand, An


Angels (studies)

Angels (various details)

Angels flying

Annunciation, The


Apostle four

Apostle one

Apostle one (drapery)

Apostles three and four

Apostles three and four (?)

Archangel Raphael bringing to God the prayers of men, The

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