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Aaron's rod in bloom

Abraham's sacrifice

Adam and Eve hiding themselves from the presence of the Lord God

Adam giving names to the living creatures

Adam tilling the ground and Eve spinning

Adoration of the Magi

Advent of Antichrist to Jews waiting at the water's edge

Air to become gold

Annunciation of Antichrist to his mother (Cleopatrea?) by the demon Astarot, The

Antichrist blessing and rewarding his "apostles"

Antichrist blessing the king

Antichrist giving gold to his "apostles" to bribe the people

Antichrist making a fiery storm

Antichrist making the column talk

Antichrist preaching in the temple

Antichrist preaching to the nations

Antichrist turning stones into bread

Antichrist's "apostles" dispensing gold

Antichrist's supporters taking an oath on the upturned cross


Ascension of Antichrist, The

Ascension of Elijah

Ascension of Enoch

Baptism of Jesus, The

Believers before the altar, The

Betrothal of Adam and Eve

Birth of Cain and Abel, The

Bronze serpent, The

Cain killing Abel

Calling Elijah and Enoch

Canaan bunch of grapes

Carrying into the temple

Carrying of the cross, The

Castigating a hanged man

Christ as the Last Judge

Circumcision of Antichrist, The

Coronation of the Virgin Mary

Crossing of the Red Sea, The


Cure of Nehemiah

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