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ROUAULT, Georges

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And Veronica, with her gentle cloth, still passes on the way . . .

Arise, you dead! *

Biblical landscape


Christ in the suburbs

Christ with his malefactors

Christian night

Death took him as he rose from his bed of nettles *

Ecce homo

Ecce homo

Encounter, The

Eternally scourged . . . *

Even the ruins have been destroyed *

Flight into Egypt, The

Have mercy on me, God, according to Thy great mercy *

He has been maltreated and oppressed and he has not opened his mouth *

He who believes in Me, though he be dead, shall live *

Head of Christ

In these dark times of vanity and unbelief, Our Lady of Land's End keeps watch *

It is by his wounds that we are healed *

Jesus among the dead

Jesus and the children

Jesus at the gate

Jesus before Pilate

Jesus facing the factories

Jesus reviled . . . *

Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world . . . *

Just man, like sandalwood, perfumes the blade that cuts him down, The *

Lord, it is You, I know You *

Love one another *

Obedient unto death and to death on the cross

On the road to Emmaus

Our Lady of the End of the World

Out of the depths . . . *

Under a Jesus forgotten on a cross. . . . *

Virgin of the Seven Swords *

We . . . it is in His death that we have been baptized

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