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MILLAIS, John Everett

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Benjamites seizing their brides, The

Christ in the house of his parents

Deluge, The


Foolish virgins, The

Good Samaritan, The

Good shepherd, The

Hidden treasure, The

Importunate friend, The

Jephthah consoled

Labourers in the vineyard, The

Leaven, The

Lost piece of silver, The

Lost sheep, The

Marriage feast, The

Pearl of great price, The

Pharisee and the publican, The

Prodigal son, The

Return of the dove to the ark, The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Sower, The

St. Stephen

Study for "Christ in the house of his parents"

Study for "Christ in the house of his parents"

Tares, The

Unjust judge and the importunate widow, The

Unmerciful servant, The

Victory O Lord

Wicked husbandman, The

Wise virgins, The