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CARRACCI, Agostino

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Adoration of Christ on the cross, and of the Trinity

Adoration of shepherds, and other studies

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Christ and two pilgrims in a landscape

Holy Family with the little St. John and the Child Jesus crushing the demon

Lamentation, The

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine, with the little St. john

Prophet sitting, from the front, the head in left profile

Rest of the Holy Family in a landscape, The

Rest of the Holy Family in a landscape, The

Saviour raising from the dead the widow's son, The *

Shepherd kneeling

St. Matthew

Stud for an Annunciation

Study for a Penitent Magdalene. Figure in a door.

Study for The last supper

Tradition of the keys of St. Peter, The

Trinity and the Virgin in glory, The

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