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About Biblical Art on the WWW


The aim of this site is to provide a helpful assistant in the search for biblical art on the Internet. I hope that my contribution will prove helpful to people working with preaching, teaching etc.



It started as a Powerpoint presentation for personal use. I made a chronological division of the Bible into subjects, each subject being a scene or an episode from the biblical history. Then I downloaded relevant art from the Web, carefully connecting each artwork to the correct subject. 

Two main problems halted this project: It was not useful to others than myself, and it grew very big very fast. To solve the first problem, I started to consider making an Internet site. As for the second problem, and also for the risk of copyright violations, I soon realized that hosting images was out of the question. Then came the idea of collecting and arranging links to images of biblical artwork hosted by other sites, using the chronological division already at hand.

I ended up with my site being about 1000 html-pages linked together, and a huge maintenance problem! So, I decided to ask my data-expert wife to make me a database.



The main content of the present version of my site is a database accompanied by a collection of thumbnail pictures. I'm building the base scanning sites hosting images of biblical artwork, registering each work with title, artist(s), time of execution, technique/material, and location (the last three only if available; normally no location for prints, like etchings, woodcuts etc.).

When registering an artwork found on the Internet, I usually enter the information given by the host without further investigations. This means that my base may have errors not originating from me. So, I disclaim responsibility as to this kind of errors.

The core of the base is an updated edition of the chronological division mentioned above. All artworks are connected to one or several subjects, and to comprise all works in some way related to the Bible, the subject list includes portraits, and even non-biblical incidents and situations where biblical characters play a role.

Finally, the base normally contains links to the registered artworks.

Please visit the statistics page for some curiosities!


Broken Links

As the base contains thousands of links, some of them will always be "dead" ("broken"). This can be very annoying. I run a link-checker, but some errors may not be found. If a link does not lead to the desired picture, and the error persists for more than a month or so, please inform me.

Sometimes when an error message appears instead of an image, copying the URL and pasting it in a new browser window will solve the problem.


Links to This Site. Reciprocal Links. 

Links to this site are greatly appreciated. Please use the exact and complete name ("Biblical Art on the WWW") if convenient. My logo can be found in various sizes here

To all you kind people who link to my site: THANK YOU! I am not always that generous myself. Proposals concerning reciprocal links are usually turned down. This has nothing to do with the quality or the content of the proposers' sites. Actually, I link to hundreds of sites, but only when it suits the purpose of my service. I am very reluctant to make my system more complicated by building the content further, e.g. by making a page for links in general. 

If you run a site on which images of biblical art are displayed, and I have not linked to your site from my database, please inform me, and I will try to get back to your site as soon as possible.



The questions I receive from around the world suggest that I am an expert of art, legal matters, and data. This is certainly not so. I indeed enjoy art, I have sought legal advice to make sure I do not violate any laws, and I have the minimum knowledge of information technology to be able to maintain my site. However, I should not be asked for expert opinions or estimation of the value of art, I do not want to give legal advice concerning copyright issues (I have, in fact, avoided making these questions relevant for my own project), and I am not a good solver of data problems. 

Questions also show that it is difficult to understand that a site can be made without a commercial intention. Hence, people think that I am engaged in buying and selling art. I am not. To buy posters, replicas, etc., one should search for the numerous online stores. 

Important: Since the links lead to images hosted by other sites than mine, it is impossible for me to give a general permission for any kind of use of the pictures. If a permission is wanted, the host must be consulted. Every image-link is accompanied by a link to the main page of the host. Keep in mind that the host may have given restrictions in other parts of their sites than the pages I am linking to!


Browsers and Screen Resolution

The pages have been designed to work properly with the latest version of Internet Explorer, with a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, and normal text size. Using other browsers or settings, especially old browser versions, may corrupt the design and/or disable the functions.


Who Am I?

This site is created and maintained by me, Rolf E. Stærk. I am a Norwegian theologian and schoolteacher, born 1967, and member of the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway. The database and the asp-files are made by my wife.



Is the evangelist Matthew the same as the apostle? What is the actual order of the biblical events? Is the woman anointing Jesus at Bethany identical with Mary Magdalene? The answers to such questions may have implications as to how I arrange the artwork. Anyway, I have avoided making theological discussions out of them, because discussions like that would have missed the aim of this site completely. I just want my fellow theologians to know that the problems are quite evident to me, even if I make disputable decisions without further comments.




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Rolf E. Stærk